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Stay in Dandeli Resort is value for money, when you stay in dandeli makes you feel that if there's a heaven on earth then it's in Dandeli.

Dandeli is one of the choices when it comes to Adventure stay, Wild Woods Resort & Homestay Dandeli is one of those exclusive estates which words cannot describe - you have to experience it yourself! Quietly elegant and exquisite, Wild Woods Homestay Dandeli is a state-of-mind with breath-taking vistas. Allow yourself to be seduced by the delicate, subtle sounds accompanying nature's orchestra which is in a pansoli village which is near to kulgi.

Dandeli Wild Woods Resort Entrance

This is where you step in to live your life.

Are you adventure lovers?

If Yes..! Then you are in right place Dandeli is a place with lot of adventure activities. It's quiet easy to locate the homestay. It's a combination of Simplicity and comfort with the luxury of space and scenic views wherever possible is what you can expect at this homestay in Dandeli.

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Dandeli Resort Cottages

The stay is of perfect planning, beautiful environment and dense wild forest with a mix of nature and wildlife.

Most of the people will take a trip to Dandeli at least once a year - in the midsummer. Many spend most of their free time out there enjoying the freedom and solitude. This is something you can't find anywhere else in the world. Stay in the middle of Dandeli Nature - The nature of Dandeli is amazing! Every season of the year has something special to offer.The winter turns the land into a foggy land and autumn is full of colour. The best way to experience dandeli is by having your stay really close to nature - and a cosy cottage is the best solution to this. These cottage are furnished with all the basic amenities with attach washrooms.

Dinning Space

Dinning Space is located in the mid of the property the buffet is arranged this place for easy access the combination of open air along with homemade food makes the best combination a person can enjoy.

A separate place for night Dinner along with fire camp is arranged and the food will also be servede at that place.

Commando Tent

The Most Popular Stay

The most loved stay because of its feel

Commando Tent is one of popular stay in Dandeli Wild Woods Resorts because it's comfortable and cost less. It increases the feel of wilderness. These commando can accomodate 5-6 people as the washrooms are present within the property makes the stay more comfortable.

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Wild Woods Tents

The stay is of perfect planning, beautiful environment and dense wild forest with a mix of nature and wildlife.

Tent Stay is Cheap and adventurous, it increases the feel of wilderness. Tent Stay is always closure to nature. Listening to the rain tip-tapping on the canvas in the morning, hear the owls hooting at night. A safari tent gets you closer to nature than any other property in our collections. Rise with the sunrise and eat a hearty breakfast together with a view of the wildflower meadow before wandering down to the nearest brook for a game of pooh stick. It gives everyone a chance to disconnect with regular kind of stay and really relax on the laps of nature.

Tree House

There's always been something magical about the ethos of the Dandeli wild life - whether it's the air of spirituality, the tales of angels and demons, or simply the serene stillness that transports you far, far away from the stifling urbanity that has now enveloped some of Dandeli thrilling spots. At this eco-friendly Dandeli resort, you can put your feet up and enjoy bio-diversity at its best. The tree house, with its bamboo walls and windows overlooking a rainwater harvest pond provides a breath-taking view. While a little heavy on the purse, this Dandeli resort at Wildwoods is truly an experience to cherish. What with the modern amenities and creature comforts bedecking tree houses in a natural setting, along with a host of activities, jeep safaris, and wildlife trails to occupy you while you're there.

Dandeli Wild Woods

The Most Popular Stay

It's not about travelling it's about making memories, whether you stay at Dandeli resort, homestay, tents or anywhere your passion towards travelling means a lot.

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